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Self Study Programme

VISION INDIA IAS - An institute of winning bid that leads to aspirant's success trajectory. Providing an excellent academic ambience with essentials of delivery is, prima facie, vital for all condidates which Vision India ensures through its Self-Study Programme — unique by its features. At the sprawling high care and attention and 'hooked to everything attitude' of the Director lies in the motivation and spirit she energies. The sure-susccess programme the Institution launched since three years finds no reason to hide anything related to CSE from the students. In short, it serves a guarantee to aspirants to become future bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, Vision India IAS stakes have become a lot bigger because of the fact that more than seventy candidates have been selected for Civil Services in 2014-15. The positive side of the institute and its programme is that it has many more experts having vast experiences in their respective fields/subjects. More so, they are best to ignore the negativities of the aspirants. This is where lies the Trust!

Self Study Programme begins with the convergence of brilliant teachers discussing ideas, economy, ethics, governance, current topics, among other things. And the talks are so lively & enthralling that it becomes hard for condidates/students to leave the class or discussion table. More interesting is the fact that very often, aspirants do not go without an interactive session that juxtaposes the veracity of ideas multiplied. This much-hyped programme (SSP), therefore, solves myriad of student's doubts and clears the grey areas of General Studies, Essays, to name a few. Thus, the task at hand is to secure the best. And for this, the experts are doing things right and the Management is doing right things.

The Reasons are:-
It enhances writing skill and does ensure a reflection of your mind on the Answer-sheet.
It provides a let-up in your ability to write flawless English.
Writing habit in Self-Study-Programmecreates, a horizon for Self-Evaluation.
Moreover, the veracity of your answers comes to a reality-check.
In fact, through this programme, you could have a chance to know the good-authored books/bibliography and periodicals.
Getting through civil Service is not-so-difficult a job-, it predisposed to those who could do it by sheer patience and perseverance. And Self-Study-Programme of VISION INDIAN IAS duly provides to that effect.
It is no more a gargantuan task-rather a very simple one-just put in your effort by sincerely developing the skill of writing followed by evaluation with suggested course corrections.
Our experts, in charge of this programme, would make you write minimum 5-6 questions on a regular basis keeping you abreast of all current information both national and international.

Periodicals Include

The Hindu, Economic Times,

Yojna Frontline,

India Year Book,

Economic Survey and EPW,

Newspaper Analysis.

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