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Essay Test Series

The essay paper in the Civil Services Exam held by the Union Public Service Commission carries 200 marks and time allotted to it is three hours.

The topics of this essay writing exam can be anything under the sun. The topics can be from Current Affairs, Philosophy, Social Issues, Economy, Science and Technology, Defence etc. One should be well versed with each and every thing and should have enough of matter to write logically.

Pick up a topic that you are completely sure of. Prior to start writing the essay note down all important points randomly. Noting down these points will help you recalling the important facts which you main miss due to shortage of time.

Important facts and figures related to the topics should be on your fingertips. Make a chart in front of you which may consist important dates, events etc.

The most important point is to make the introduction strong. Introductory paragraph should be hard hitting and impact full which will create a positive impression in the examiner's mind.

You should not deviate from the topic you are writing. It should be to the point and straight forward. Focus on the topic you are writing on and throughout the topic the main subject should not be left behind.

Experts' advice to write the essay between1200-1500 words which should have a nice conclusion.

Material in sync with what is being taught in class

Complete Coverage of syllabus mentioned explicitly or implicitly in IAS syllabus

The topic you choose should have logical discussions, your concept regarding the particular topic is evaluated in the Main exam essay paper

While wrapping up your essay, include verdict and your evaluation on the topic.UPSC expects is neither a factual or informative essay nor a highly opinionated one. What is needed is a balanced presentation of ideas related to the given topic substantiated by sound facts and reasoning.

At the same time, it should also be kept in mind that innovativeness, creativity and novelty (in presenting and structuring essay) within the limits of reasonableness is always rewarded.

Essay, to put it succinctly, is considered to be a reflection of one's personality.

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